January 1, 2016

Wii U - Year Three Conclusion

More applause.

Another year down. Time really flies, you know? My Wii U collection almost rivals that of the Wii, which seems odd at points. But then after really thinking about it, there was so much shovelware and crap on the Wii, so it just looks like there's more content. I'm glad the sheer amount of garbage went down for the Wii U. Any that really pops up is limited to the eShop anyway, which is much nicer I think.

Some really good stuff over the past year, some worthwhile DLC, and a better amiibo situation (finally).

Favorite games released in 2015?


eShop (not including Virtual Console):


Games that should be on the list, but were just an overall disappointment that didn't even come close to reaching their potential:

Xenoblade Chronicles X took up most of my time. I cannot walk away from that game. So close to getting 100% map completion. I think once that happens, I will finally be able to put the game down. Super Mario Maker is also a game I can't seem to put down. And with all the continued updates, it doesn't look like that will change any time soon. No complaints on this end.

Better third-party support this year, but I could still use more. Hopefully the NX will fix some of that. And that is right on the horizon, which is crazy to think about.

I'm hoping this blog will still be active then, too.